Can I use Pocketalk at a city hall in Japan?

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Thank you, Liza.

My answer is “Yes! You can use Pockealk, but only to the reference level.

I want you to remember, the result of translation is depend on how the conversation partner speaks the language.

In the previous video, I checked what I would like to translate in Japanese about headache, how it translates.

There is a link in the video description field, the video is in Japanese, but please have a look. 

「Can you tell the problem of your body with a translation machine while traveling overseas? (HEADACHE) 」

Today I will check about conversation at a city hall.

I found a FAQ on my city website.


世田谷区 よくある質問と回答集

The question is

Can I get a copy of the resident card even at the window other than the city / town / village where I am registering resident registration?


I will check the translation of this answer from this page.

The first paragraph of the answer is


Can you read this?

OK, I will play the role of staff in the city hall, and Pocketalk will translation of what I speak.

Copies of resident cards can be delivered to any city, town or village in the whole country if it is a municipality connected to the Basic Resident Register Network

The next paragraph of the answer is


By the way, “Setagaya-ku” is the city name I live in. If there are words of “setagaya” or “setagaya-ku”, they are same meaning.

And google translation is

If Setagaya residents take copies of resident cards other than Setagaya-ku, please contact the municipalities taking copies of resident’s cards in advance since it may be different from Setagaya-ku, such as reception hours and fees .

And the next is notices

When moving in the ward, the address before moving may not be listed in some cases.
●住民票の広域交付(世田谷区の場合) 1通300円
Wide area delivery of resident card (in the case of Setagaya-ku) 300 yen

OK, how do you fill the results of translation by Pocketalk?

The important thing is “Do not depend, just use the reference”.

Pocketalk can show what you speak and the result of the translation.

Show the display of Pocketalk to a staff in the city hall.

Perhaps, as most city staff are kind, you can have a conversation with them by Pocketalk.


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